Electro shocker in a flashlight, self-defense device

Electro shocker or paralyzer is a manual device for temporarily disabling people or animals.

Electro shocker in the shape of a flashlight is the most popular self-defense devices. This high-voltage appliance is easy to use and carry, extremely reliable, and its effect at the immediate. It is therefore irreplaceable in personal defense against aggressive attackers, robbers in the protection of property as well as against aggressive animals.

Electro shocker offers the possibility to paralyze aggressive attackers in less than 10 seconds. Imagine if, at the moment when you are faced with danger, your opponent was hit by the lightning. A strong current strike causes the current state of shock, severe pain and muscle spasms. You cannot kill the aggressor with electroshock, but you can paralyze them, which leaves you enough time to escape or call for help. Sometimes, it takes only the sound of the siren of the electro shocker to scare the attacker and chase them away.

These devices are made of durable materials and alloys based on the technology of the German military police and have a modern design. You can carry a device anywhere easily and imperceptibly. The LED lamps of exceptional strength, besides being able to surprise and scare your opponent, can also serve as normal lighting when you need it.

The price of an electro shocker depends on the model, the technical characteristics and the voltage. In the self-defense device, it is especially important to be careful and not to take untested and unpatched copies, because at the moment when you are in danger the last thing you want is to find out that the device is either defective or too weak.


How to use an electro shocker and its technical features

The electro shocker in a flashlight is a reliable self-defense device that functions by periodically emitting electro discharging of a strength of 2.000.000 – 25.000.000 V onto the body of an attacker. The device has a built-in 95db siren, which you can also use to intimidate the attackers.

Each model of electro shocker contains a high-quality durable battery. Charging the battery is to be done exclusively using the original charger, that you receive together with the device, for a maximum of 3 hours.

For a successful discharge of electro shocker, it is necessary to short-press the button on the device several times. It is important that the pressure does not last longer than 5 seconds. If you hold the button longer than this, you can burn the device and make it useless not only in a given situation but also for future use. It should be kept in mind that the first emptying has the strongest effect, while every next one has lower power.

After each use, it is necessary to recharge the electro shocker. Also, if you do not use it, it is advisable to connect it to the charger every 20-30 days to ensure its correct functioning.

Electro shockers work regardless of the thickness of the attacker’s clothes. However, if you want to make sure that the self-defense device will be effective both over the coat and the winter jacket, choose a shocker with a higher voltage.


Which purpose can an electro shocker be used for?

The electro shocker in the form of a flashlight is not a weapon, but a self-defense device that cannot kill an attacker, but that causes pain and muscle spasm, and thus disables the attack. While the aggressor is in a state of shock, you have enough time to get away or call for additional help. Sometimes it will be enough to force a strong light on the opponent or let the siren off so you can deter him from attacking. You can use this device as a defense against people, but also against aggressive animals.

It is a great choice for shop owners, security agencies and anyone who wants to protect themselves, their loved ones or their property.

Attackers are capable of everything, and very often, their targets are women and elderly people. That’s why electroshock can be extremely useful for women who do not consent to be easy prey and a victim of aggressive attackers. Thanks to the strong LEDs, this safety device can also serve as ordinary electric light.

People often ask themselves whether the law allows the possession and use of electro shockers and other self-defense devices. The Law on Arms and Ammunition allows the use of these devices solely for the purpose of self-defense and as a weapon for personal safety for persons older than 16 years.

This practically means that you cannot go down the street and randomly paralyze people with an electro shocker since this is also punishable by the Law on Public Order and Peace. But if you are attacked, it’s completely legal to defend yourself using this device.

Our advice is to always make sure that your electro shocker is adequately charged and that the intensity of the defense is never greater than the intensity of the attack.


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