GPS tracker – locator

GPS Locator is the latest generation multi-purpose spyware which allows you to know where your car is located at any time. Using this modern device for locating and tracking, you’ll find out much more than that. The GPS intelligent satellite tracking system instantly locates your car and provides you with full control over its movement.

GPS tracker is a spy device of a great precision that you can use to track the movement of people, pets or any other mobile object. In a fraction of a second, your mobile phone will get the exact position telling you where, for example, your child or your dog got lost. Nowadays, when we witness different troublesome events, such information can be of great importance.

With the GPS tracking device on the go, you get:

  • The exceptionally accurate current position of the object, its speed and the direction of its movement;
  • Complete and detailed insight into the movement of your vehicle in a given period of time with reports on movement and retention;
  • All the points of movement and the time of retention of the vehicle;
  • Calculating the distance traveled (in km) and of working hours over the desired time period, which is very useful for the employers;
  • Speed ​​limit notification and maximum speed achieved over a specified period of time;
  • Report and warning if the vehicle is moving beyond the permitted radius i.e. the route you previously set;
  • E-mail or SMS alert if the vehicle exits the approved movement zone;
  • Instant notification as soon as the vehicle starts up or moves from the parking spot

Besides, you can also use  GPS tracker as a classical eavesdropper of unlimited range.


How to use GPS Tracer and its technical characteristics

GPS Locator Spyware Tracking is reliable and extremely accurate. It is installed quickly and easily, and the magnet is strong enough to fit well to all metal surfaces. All you need to have in order to track and locate vehicles and other mobile facilities are a mobile phone with an internet connection and a phone signal.

These spy devices mostly operate on the principle of mobile telephony, and they connect to the satellite using a GPS signal. A SIM card (also used in mobile phones) is inserted into the GPS tracker.The GPS Tracer locates a tracked object using coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude that it sends to your mobile phone as a Google Maps link via text message. Simply use your mobile phone to connect to the GPS device in the car and the device will send a SMS with coordinates informing you where it is currently located, with a precision of 5 meters.  By clicking on a link from a message or by simply typing those coordinates in Google Earth or any other map that supports search by coordinates, you get to see the exact location of the object.

The latest models also offer the possibility of complete remote control of all the most important functions of the vehicle.

Install the GPS locator in your vehicle and you can switch off the fuel or oil supply, turn on sirens, light stops, blinds, or lock the door at any time and from any location, and thus completely disable the driver to prevent any of this.

The GPS tracker includes an SOS command allowing the person who carries it to automatically send a message to the number that is pre-configured to receive the location just by pressing the SOS key. Via SMS you can send commands and receive movement notice at various intervals.

Thanks to its specific features, GPS tracker can also be used as a convenient audio surveillance device for real-time secret recording and tapping, as well as for subsequent playback of recorded material. You can set up a locator anywhere and activate it completely silently by calling the SIM card number in the tracker. You can opt to receive all the information by SMS or MMS or to follow the events in the locator environment directly through a personalized web portal.

The GPS tracking device works on a quality rechargeable battery that has a high autonomy of up to 400 days in stand by mode. Also, using the cables you get in the package, you can connect it to a constant power source (vehicle battery).


For what purposes can GPS tracker be used?

GPS Tracer is a multi-purpose real-time tracking and location device. You can use it to track a car, but also any other moving object, such as boats, vans, trucks …

Also, this multifunctional spy device can also be used for covered eavesdropping.

This is proven to be the cheapest way to protect your vehicles from theft and damage. Satellite car tracking has been around for a long time, and in a more expensive car models, the GPS locator is installed in the creation process. For such a vehicle protection, you have to invest a significant amount of money, but it is still not 100% reliable. Professional thieves can quickly and easily find out which car models have such a device installed, where exactly it is positioned  and of course how to turn it off.

Unlike factory-built satellite tracking systems, the GPS Locator can be discreetly positioned anywhere in the car, so that thieves are not even able to assume that they will be detected and stopped in a blink of an eye.

GPS locator is an ideal device for all business owners, rent-a-car agencies, taxi associations, transport companies, and courier services. It provides control, visibility and better logistics for your business vehicles at all times and this way,  it increases their safety, employee efficiency, and cost savings. Build a GPS tracker in your business vehicles and at any time you will be warned and will be sure to know if your employees respect the speed limit or if any of your vehicles have been involved in a crash. Such information can save you unnecessary expenses and increase the efficiency of employees in your company.

By using the tracking device, you can also limit the movement area. In the settings, you can enter, for example, Belgrade, and if the vehicle (or another moving object that is being monitored) leaves that particular zone, you will receive an SMS notification at the very moment.

The satellite tracking device can be of great help when it comes to protecting the safety of children, other persons, and pets.


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